Geography of Kampuchea-Krom

Kampuchea-Krom literally means “the lower land of Kampuchea.” “Krom” in Khmer also means “below” to indicate “Southern” part of Cambodia. Kampuchea-Krom was the southernmost territory of the Khmer Empire, and was once known as Cochinchina (French). It covers an area of 67,700 km2 with Cambodia to the North, the Gulf of Thailand to the West, the South China Sea to the South and the Champa’s territory to the Northeast. Today, Kampuchea-Krom is the south-western part of Vietnam, known in Vietnamese as Tây Nam Bộ.

The Vietnamese authorities changed all the locality names of villages, districts, cities, and provinces from Khmer to Vietnamese. The same thing is being done today in Cambodia. For example, “Phnom Penh” is called “Nam Vang” by the Vietnamese.

Kampuchea-Krom originally consists of four provinces DON NAI, LONG HOR, MOTH CHROUK and PEAM, later on divided into 21 provinces and 1 Port: Kompong Krobey (Bến Nghé). Kampuchea-Krom also has two big islands: Koh Trol (Phú Quốc) and Koh Trolach (Côn Sơn).

There are two long rivers in Kampuchea-Krom: the Mekong river (Sông Tiền) and Bassac river (Sông Hậu). The approximately length of each river ranges from 200-250 km. These two rivers bring lots of silts for the Mekong Delta.

Map of Kampuchea-Krom

Map of Kampuchea-Krom

Names of Provinces, Port and Islands in Kampuchea-Krom

Khmer Name Vietnamese Name
Provinces ខេត្ត – Khet Tỉnh
1 ព្រៃនគរ -Prey Nokor Sài Gòn
2 ទួលតាមោក – Toul Tamoak Thủ Dầu Một
3 ចង្វាត្រពាំង  – Chongva Tropeang Biên Hòa
4 ព្រះសួគ៌ា – Preah Suorkea Bà Rịa
5 អូកាប់ – O-Kab Vũng Tàu
6 រោងដំរី  – Raung Domrei Tây Ninh
7 កំពង់គោ  – Kampong Kou Long An
8 មេស – Me Sor Mỹ Tho
9 កោះគង Koh Kaung Gò Công
10 កំពង់ឫស្សី  – Kampong Russey Bến Tre
11 លង់ហោរ – Long Hor Long Hồ
12 ផ្សារដែក – Phsa Dek Sa Đéc
13 ព្រះត្រពាំង – Preah Trapeang Trà Vinh
14 ព្រែកឫស្សី – Prek Russey Cần Thơ
15 បារ៉ាជ – Barach Long Xuyên
16 មាត់ជ្រូក – Moth Chrouk Châu Đốc
17 ពាម – Peam Hà Tiên
18 ក្រមួនស  – Kramoun Sor Rạch Giá
19 ឃ្លាំង – Khleang Sóc Trăng
20 ពលលាវ – Pol Leav Bạc Liêu
21 ទឹកខ្មៅ  – Teuk Khmau Cà Mau
Port កំពង់ផែ   – Kompong Pe Cảng
1 កំពង់ក្របី –   Kampong Krobey Bến Nghé
Islands កោះ – Koh Đảo
1 កោះត្រឡាច – Koh Tralach Côn Sơn
2 កោះត្រល់ – Koh Trol Phú Quốc


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